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The ROYL™ ... End of Life Planning ... for the Rest of Your Life ...

The ROYL™ ... End of Life Planning ... for the Rest of Your Life ...

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The journey for planning for the Rest Of Your Life starts with an idea. It is your desire to commit your wishes, needs, and hopes to paper. The ROYL website can help. ROYL is not a living will or a last will and testament. It is not a retirement plan. It is an interactive organizational system that walks you through all of the documentation and information necessary for you to plan your life and healthy aging. ROYL is a new collaborative venture offering a comprehensive and integrated online tool kit for Rest of Your Life planning. Rest of Your Life was developed by a team of physicians, healthcare professionals, attorneys and financial planners, to address concerns of healthy aging including medical, legal, financial, social, spiritual, and retirement. ROYL not only encompasses plans for healthy aging and the implementation of these plans, ROYL also provides you with all necessary documents and a personalized action check list to achieve your plans.

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