Limbo /πŸ”’ (beta) Home Page ... Welcome ! ! !

Limbo /πŸ”’ (beta) Home Page ... Welcome ! ! !

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Limbo is the anonymous job platform where you post your ideal next role and let companies introduce themselves.

Post a Profile

Why we made this

Here’s How it Works:

  1. A cartoon-style illustration of a shining lightbulb and stylized Limbo Profile in a web browser.

    Candidates post anonymous Profiles.

    Detailing their skills, experience, and exactly the role they want: values, location, seniority, etc.

  2. A cartoon-style illustration of a magnifying glass and stylized Limbo Profile search results in a web browser.

    Hiring managers search for Profiles.

    When they find a good match, they make a Reveal Request, introducing themselves and their role.

  3. A cartoon-style illustration of chat bubbles and stylized Limbo Reveal Request UI in a web browser.

    Candidates decide to reveal themselves.

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