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Kickstarter project

Kickstarter project

business project Mar 8, 2016
OoDesi themed novel

-mr. chaddu mr. paddu

Misanthropic novel

DC or Marvel comic book plot

Mithai dictionary


Hazrat Burger cookbook

-make menu

-ayat shifa

-mawlana sauce

- mawlana puripuri

why is it desi holy ppl art look like they just ate full meal but arab or chinese holy ppl art looks like they are starving?

Marine Combat now!

-martial arts wisdom

-flow and combat philosophy

Hazrat teas

-see Caffeine theory ideas

Journals: Spirituality Manuals for different religions

name it: self-growth

-DIY learn forgiveness exercise

-your own funeral

Charity technology

-donate a drone: wheels in the air

Brand of Wisdomology

-for crisis

-for the poor

-for stages in life

-use suggestivity ideas

Study port website

Rent a teacher or mentor website

Rent a desi party suit

Solely Guncon video game