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#Blog # 3

#Blog # 3

Blog Mar 14, 2011
Okayy, well, it's 6:42am, I woke up at 2:00am -.-
I've been sleeping during the day and afternoon, which is making me not able to sleep at night . It's horrible .

Needless to say I'm not going to school today, my father yelled at me asking why he even got me a new bed, -.- Like, I didn't sleep on it well the first night, I got it, now shut the fuck up .

I love my new bed :D It's really comfortable, my kitty seems to enjoy it also, he's been sleeping for hours .

I need to scan my computer because it was being stupid and glitching, so far, nothing has infected my computer, but the scan has only been on for a couple minutes .

I hope I don't have a virus D: It scanned through like, 10,558 items and nothing seems to be infected. :D
^ Makes me happy .

Correction, now at 13,275 items 25 are infected and resolved:D