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Japan Meeting 3.3.13

Japan Meeting 3.3.13

Japan public Feb 26, 2013
Meeting Agenda
  • Dinner Auction Fundraiser
Items per person
Donation Letter
  • Market on the Move (Next Saturday)
  • Looking into Barro's Pizza Fundraiser
  • Need 2 Babysitters on March 17 after service (credit for trip)
  • Devo Time (James 1)
  • Talk about Picture Book
  • Teaching Topics:
Cowboy, Pirate, Mr Potato Head
  • Songs:

  • Kids Games: 
Bronco, baby, backpack
Freeze tag
Simon says
Red light green light
Sharks and minnows

Skits: ballerina beach ball, motorcycle kazoos, dueling banjos

  • Group1: Sam, Zach, Shania, Jesse - Songs/Kid Songs
  • Group2: Shannon, Savannah, Mathias, Patric - Teaching Topics
  • Group3: Josh, Dean, Nick, Elyssa - Kids Games / YoungLife Games
  • Prayer Time