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Elders Meeting July 2013

Elders Meeting July 2013

public Jul 29, 2013
Elders Meeting

Members Present:
Bruce Ploeser
Lloyd Baker
Chris Maloy
John Wallis
Jason Backus
Shawn Lind

Non-Voting Members Present:
Allen Keys

Members Not Present:

Lloyd opened the meeting at 12:30pm

Financial Report
The financial report through end of June 2013 was presented. Jason made a motion to accept. Seconded by Bruce and unanimously approved as presented.

Proposed Projects
Attached to financial report
Approved conference for staff to Hillsong Conference
Parking Lot upgrade (research specifics a little more)
Sign and Fence was approved for later completion

John made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:09pm. Seconded by Jason and unanimously approved.