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Honeywell Air Purifier offers Bluetooth, allergy monitoring

Honeywell Air Purifier offers Bluetooth, allergy monitoring

May 12, 2014

Extracted Page: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/honeywells-smart-air-purifier-pulls-pollen-alerts-web-adjusts-fan-accordingly/#!ETc5C

Slowly but surely, everything in your house is getting smarter. At this point, pretty much every major category has been covered: fridges, ovens, thermostats, lightbulbs, smoke alarms, air conditioners, crock pots, kettles — you name it, there’s probably a “smart” version somewhere. For this reason, forward-thinking manufacturers are now sitting around scratching their heads, trying to think of products that haven’t been smartened up yet.

The latest product to get the smart treatment, thanks to the innovative folks at Honeywell, is the humble air purifier. A few other companies have toyed with the idea in the past, but as far as we kn

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