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Knäckebröd (Sourdough Crisp Bread)

Knäckebröd (Sourdough Crisp Bread)

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Sourdough Crisp Bread
By Johanna Paues Darlington

  • 100g Wheat Sourdough
  • 100g Rye Sourdough
  • 75g Whole grain wheat flour
  • 1 tsp Salt

Mix everything together and let rest for one hour. Roll out the dough really really thin (this is the only tricky part in making crisp bread). You can use a pasta machine if you have one.

Cut the dough into pieces in a form you like, for example triangles. Or sticks.

Make tiny holes with a fork. Brush with water before you decorate with flaky sea salt and your favorite seeds (e.g. flax seed).

Bake at 275 degrees C until the bread gets color. Keep an eye since it goes super quick.