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Ry Ry

Ry Ry

Ryan, todo, remind Jun 13, 2011
Remind Ryan how you feel about him every single morning.

Remind him:
  • How much you care.
  • How much you love him.
  • You're always here for him.
  • How important he is.
  • That he saved you.
  • He's beautiful in every way imaginable.
  • To be strong.
  • Not to give into the pressure.
Every time you spend time with him, find a mnemonic device, and add it to the box.

Why do I love Ryan William Gauthier?
  1. He's caring.
  2. He's loving.
  3. He's funny.
  4. He's kind.
  5. He's generous.
  6. He makes me feel happy.
  7. He's helped me see my true beauty.
  8. He stands up

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