This is just a personal driven overview of web font services and should not be understood as an authoritative attempt to classify the services - as it was mentioned to me. I needed an overview and there was none, so I made one. :) I provide a change log so far and I will try to keep informations up to date. If you want to be added or have further informations, just write me a note:

I splitt the overview up in two parts to get a better scrolling behaviour. :) Somehow in part 2 are web font services which are more specialists and web font services which only host your web font, they offer no web fonts. You can jump directly to each part:

Web font services: Part 1

Web font services: Part 2


depending on hosting plan

Last updated: 2011-05-10


  • updated WebInk, JAF
  • updated all services, simple print version
  • updated plugins, Google WebFont Loader, android and blackberry support
  • major Update
  • updated FontServe
  • updated plugin integration
  • updated Fontdeck, FontsLive,, Just Another Foundry, TypeFront, Typekit, Kernest, Typotheque, Webtype, webfnt
  • updated WebINK
  • added Desktop Use
  • updated IE 9 support
  • updated
  • added webfnt service
  • added print, pdf and opentype features support
  • added language and CJK support