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”Embedly is the perfect solution for displaying rich content inside of Instead of spending weeks building support for hundreds of sites, we spent minutes integrating Embedly “

- Ben Gleitzman, Engineer at Hunch

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Create unique visual experiences by embedding videos, images, rich media, RSS entries, and article previews all through one simple integration.


Embedly tracks every URL you request and breaks them down giving you insights into what your users are watching, listening to, and interested in.


Embedding in a site is great and all, but what about apps? Embedly supports iOS and Android mobile devices.


Stop the spread of malicious URLs on your site. With Safe Browse integration we can inform a user that the URL they are about to click on is potentially dangerous.


When you need help or an API changes, we will be available through email or phone. Contact us anytime with questions and we will act quickly to resolve them.


Extending Twitter Previews for Everyone else


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