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Which group are you in? Apr 2016

Which group are you in? Apr 2016

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Extracted Page: http://bigdata-madesimple.com/5-groups-of-data-scientists-which-group-are-you-in/#sthash.pQHEYNZF.dpuf

Thanks to Harlan D. Harris, Sean Patrick Murphy and Marck Vaisman for their introspective survey on Data Scientists. Based on their survey, they were able to identify five different groups of data scientists. Let’s go through each one of them.

Data Business people

data business people

People like Kirthika are data scientists, found in large organizations or in their own start-ups. In large organisations, they are mainly found in project management roles. They are great at dealing with other professionals and have a comprehensive knowledge in data science process.

Data Creative

data creative data science persona

Data creative are good at statistics, program

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