Free your mind quickly.

Using #hashtags and our seamless intelligence it is a breeze to insert and retrieve your things.

#Buy birthday present for spouse #todo
Files it under the tags "buy" and creates a todo.
Done? Archive it.
We'll file it under the tag "video" and show you a player for instant watching.
This also works with lots of other services.
Book to help you launch and maintain a web app
Read the article, edit it, take notes and make it public if you wish.
We'll store it for you with a picture of the product and its current price.
Endless possibilities
thinkery is your extended brain. How you use it is up to you.

At your fingertips.

Just enough to make your life easier.

Versatile to the max

Throw thoughts, things, todos, URLs at it and let thinkery do the work for you

Find as you type

Instantly find your notes with our powerful as-you-type search

Customizable Tags

Some tags can be different than others: turn things into todo items or make them stick out with colors.

Secure and private

Your things, notes and bookmarks are never seen by anyone unless you make them public. Securely access all your data through SSL

Beautiful text editor

Focus on your text, then format it with our state-of-the-art editor

On The Go

Use our Android, iOS or mobile web app when you're on the go, seamlessly sync things

Extend your experience.

Use our browser extensions, tools and apps to smoothly access your data.


Chrome Extension / Firefox Add-On

The best way to add web pages, text selections and other findings from within your browser.

Browser Bookmarklet

Easily add URLs, text selection and things from anywhere on the web, with any browser.

Import Tools

Import data from services like Evernote, Instapaper, your browser's bookmarks or any other service providing a XML file


Android & iOS

Access all your things on the go with seamless sync. Add, edit, archive and delete notes, even when you're offline.


Our API lets you build applications around thinkery. Using the defacto industry standard oAuth 2 and following our documentation you should be up to speed quickly to produce great apps.


Visit our blog to stay in the loop about new features and improvements. Let us know your feedback and feel free to tell us about your feature requests.